TruVoice HD-150 Phone Training Solution

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This Solution is Idea for the training and monitoring of Staff. This Complete Solution includes 2 x our HD-150 Double Ear Noise Canceling Headsets along with a Training Y Cord and also a Smart Cord (allowing connectivity to 99% of all RJ9 Telephones). Not Only can you listen in on a training call, but the Y Cord allows the Supervisor to jump into the conversation as an when needed, or to stay muted if not.

TruVoice HD-150 Double Ear Noise Canceling Headset includes great sound quality and an adjustable fit for all-day wearing comfort. The Double earpiece always you to concentrate on the Customer and Call in progress which also cuts down on the surrounding sounds of your office environment. The Noise Cancelling Microphone allows a full rotation 270 degrees meaning you can wear this microphone on whichever side you find the most comfortable.

The HD-150 offers amazing quality and comfort at unbeatable prices making this the perfect headset for your office or call center.

As part of our commitment to providing the best possible service to our customers, we have taken the decision to stand behind the Quality & Performance of our headsets, & offer a LIFETIME Warranty throughout our TruVoice Headset Range

Product Features

* TruVoice Life (LIFETIME Warranty) only global headset brand to offer this service

* Double Earpiece

* Noise-cancelling microphone

* 270 degree rotation microphone boom

* Adjustable headband

* Flexible microphone boom

* Quick disconnect cable

* Plantronics type QD Connection

* Included Supervisor Cable with Switchable Mute & Also Includes a Volume Control wheel so you can control the volume during the call directly from the cable.

* Included Smart Cable with connectivity to 99% of all RJ9 Telephones (Settings Below)

Smart Cord Settings

  • Use Setting 1 for - Polycom VVX101 VVX201 VVX300 VVX301 VVX310 VVX311 VVX400 VVX401 VVX410 VVX411 VVX500 VVX501 VVX600 & VVX601, Soundpoint Models IP301 IP335 IP331 IP335 IP560 IP550 CX300 CX500 CX600 CX700, Mitel Models 5212 5312 5320 5320e 5330 5330e 5340 5340e 5410 5420 550 5540 8528 ,Toshiba DKT
  • Use Setting 1 for - AVAYA / Lucent 6402D 6408D+ 6416D+M 6424D+M 8403 8410D 8434DX 4406D+ 4412D+ 4424D+ 4424LD+ 1408 1416 2410 2420 4610 4610SW 4612 4620 4620SW 4621 4621SW 4622 4622SW 4625 4625W 4630 4630SW 5410 5420 5610 5620 5621 5625 9404 9406 9408 9504 9508 DT1 DT3 DT5 QE4610 Nortel T7316 T7316e T7208 , Shoretel Phones 100 212 212K 230 IP230 265 530 560 560G 565 565G 655 420 480 480G 485 and Aastra Models 6757i 6731i 6739i 6755i
  • Use Setting 2 for - Cisco Phone models 6921 6941 6945 6961 7821 7841 7861 7940 7940G 7941 7941G 7945 7945G 7960 7960G 7961 7961G 7965 7965G 7970 7970G 7971 7971G 7975 7975G 8811 8841 8845 8851 8861 8865 8941 8945 8945G 8961 9951 9971 and also M22 and M12 amplifiers
  • Use Setting 4 for - Yealink Models SIP-T19P T20P T21P T22P T26P T28P T32G T41P T38G T42G T46G T48G T20 T21 T23G T26 T27G T27P T28 T29G T32 T41 T38 T42 T46 T48 and All Snom Models 760 320 710 370, Grandstream GXP2130 GXP1405 GXP2140 GXP2160 GXP1625 GXP2170
  • For more information on this product or any other product we offer please do not hesitate to contact us at or on our toll free number +1 888 448 5556

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