Audio Conferencing Accessories

Konftel Power Supply for IP DECT 10
Konftel USB Cable
Konftel Konftel USB Cable
Sale price$36.00
Konftel Expansion Microphone Cable
Konftel Power Cable for 55 Series
Konftel Power and Phone Connection Cable
Konftel Network Cable
Konftel Konftel Network Cable
Sale price$44.00
Konftel Power Cable 300 Series
Konftel PoE Injector
Konftel Konftel PoE Injector
Sale price$101.15
Konftel OCC Hub
Konftel Konftel OCC Hub
Sale price$109.65
Konftel Ego Locking Kit
Konftel Unite Adapter
Konftel Konftel Unite Adapter
Sale price$53.00
Konftel AC Adapter 5V DC for KT300Wx
Konftel Adapter 55 and 300 Series
Konftel Charging Cradle
Konftel Battery 55 Series
Konftel Battery 300 Series
Konftel PA Interface Box
Konftel IP DECT 10 Wireless Base StationKonftel IP DECT 10 Wireless Base Station
Konftel Expansion Mics for 55w, 250, 300 seriesKonftel Expansion Mics for 55w, 250, 300 series
Jabra Speak Secure Mount
Jabra Speak 810 Power Ext Kit
Jabra Speak 810 Power Supply
EPOS BTD 800 USB Bluetooth® Dongle

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