Sennheiser Headset Accessories

EPOS EH DW 10 B Spare Earhook
EPOS CEHS-PO 01 Electronic Hook Switch Cable
EPOS CEHS-MB 01 Electronic Hook Switch Cable
EPOS ATC2 Training Bottom Cable ED-ED
EPOS USB Cable - DW Spare USB Cable
EPOS Spare Earpad For SDW 10 H
EPOS Carry Case 02
EPOS CH 20 MB USB USB Charging Cable
EPOS SDW Busylight 2.5mm
EPOS NB 20 Neckband
EPOS Audio Cable RJ45-2.5mm
EPOS CEHS-SP 01 Splitter Cable RJ45-RJ11
Save $14.00
EPOS IMPACT D 10 HS Single-Sided DECT Headset
EPOS Security Cable Lock
EPOS UI 815 Switch Box For Wired Headsets
EPOS HZP51 Thick Leatherette Earpads
EPOS RJ45 - RJ9 - DW Spare Audio Cable
EPOS CSTD01 Standard Bottom Cable ED-RJ9
EPOS AMS01 Mute Switch Box
Sennheiser EPOS CSHS01 Adapter Bottom Cable

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Introducing the Agent Wireless Range

Our Agent AW DECT Wireless Range all include an Industry leading 500 Foot Wireless Range (Up to 15 x Longer Than Bluetooth) along with High Definition Speakers amd a Noise Cancelattion Microphone. Our 2 in 1, and 3 in 1 connection options on the AW range allows users to connect and use the headsets on multiple devices with a simple touch of a button.

Introducting the BT55 & BT65 Bluetooth Range

New TruVoice Bluetooth USB headset offers the user simple dual connectivity and can connect to your PC / Softphone and cell phone and enables the user to take and receive calls on both devices.

TruVoice Bluetooth Wireless

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