Payment Terms: We accept all major credit cards or payments through PayPal. We offer terms to customers who provide us with acceptable credit information. If you’re interested in opening a credit account with us, please email us here. Po's are accepted from Government agencies, including, PD Dept's, Hospitals, Fire Dept., Schools, etc with a hard copy of the purchase order.

Placing an order: Orders may be placed on this website or for personal service call 1-888-448-5556 or you may request a call back by  emailing us here.


For Return Policy please see our Returns section here.

TruVoice Life (Lifetime Warranty): TruVoice Life is a warranty that covers all electronic parts within all TruVoice Quick Disconnect (QD) Headset Models with Full Lifetime Cover.

During this Period if Your headset receives any general mechanical fault from the list shown below please return the unit to us and the headset will be repaired /replaced under the warranty and returned to you with the lifetime warranty intact.

Shipping to Truvoice for headsets under warranty outside of 30 days from purchase shall be covered by the buyer. If the headset(s) are found faulty Truvoice shall cover the shipping of the replacement(s).

General mechanical faults are covered:

  • No Inbound Sound from any of the speakers
  • No Outbound Sound from the Microphone
  • Crackling sounds in Earpiece with no cosmetic damage to the headset

Customer Damage faults are not covered:

  • Any Cosmetic Break or crack to any part of the plastics (microphone, Speakers capsule, QD or Headband)
  • Liquid damage to the electrical circuit
  • Any Cuts or breakages to the QD cable (Cable from speaker capsule to QD (Quick Disconnect)
  • Removal of Warranty Label on QD Cable
  • Damage from self repair

Are you unsure if your fault is covered by our warranty? If so, please send us a detailed fault description or image of the fault to us or call and speak to our team at 888-448-5556.

All headsets must be returned and tested prior to us replacing it.

TruVoice Direct USB headsets and Wireless Bluetooth (VoicePro 10, VoicePro 20, VoicePro 30, VoicePro 40, TruVoice BT50 and TruVoice BT60) are covered under a one-year warranty. The above mentioned "General Mechanical Faults are Covered" and "Customer Damage faults are not covered" also hold true.

Thank you and we look forward to serving you. – TruVoice Telecom Customer Service Team


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