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What is a Noise Canceling Microphone?

A Noise Canceling Microphone has two or more microphones picking up sound from different directions. The primary microphone faces your mouth, while secondary microphones pick up background noise in all directions. The headset targets your voice and electronically reduces the background noise.

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Single or Double Ear?

Let’s keep things simple for you. People work in different types of environments. Some work from home, private office, or open office environment. The choice between a single ear and dual ear headset depends on your workplace. For instance, if you work from home in a peaceful and quiet environment, it would be okay if you use a single ear headset. But, if your dog barks a lot and your child is awake crying outside your home office room, you will need a double ear headset. In the latter case, using a mono headset won’t disconnect you from the background noise while you are on an important business call.

Now let’s understand this with another example. You work in an open office arrangement where colleagues sit next to each other. In this type of environment, the noise level in the work environment is high. The loud noise can distract you from an important call with a customer. In this case, you need a dual ear headset so you can easily hear your customer and concentrate on the call.

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What is your Suitable Wearing Style?

Headsets generally have 3 Common Wearing Styles:

On-Ear Headsets (Suitable for Home, the Office and Call center) - On-ear headsets are usually more compact than over-ear designs. They have smaller ear cups that rest on the ears and also slightly less bass.

Over-Ear Headsets (Suitable for Very Noisy Environments) - Over-ear headsets typically have thick headbands and large ear cups that fully encompass the ears.

In-Ear Headsets (Suitable for Working on the Go) - In-ear headsets are ultra-portable with small earbud tips, which are inserted into the ear canal.

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