TruVoice HD-150 Double Ear Noise Canceling Headset Including USB Adapter Cable

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The TruVoice HD-150 is a dual ear noise-cancelling headset which provides comfort
and quality sound. agent technology makes HD-150 perfect for the bustling
office or call-centre, the dual speakers are ideal for those who need to give
their full attention to calls. The flexible mic boom has 270 degree rotation so
you can wear it over either ear for the style that suits you.

The Quick Disconnect Solution allows you to simply use this Professional Headset Solution on any device (Softphone / Computer, Telephone, Cell Phone) by simply disconnecting the bottom cable and adding the required adapter cable saving cost on purchasing any new headsets if you ever change your telephone system.

As part of our commitment to providing the best possible service to our customers, we have taken the decision to stand behind the Quality & Performance of our headsets, & offer a LIFETIME Warranty throughout our TruVoice Headset Range

The HD-150 offers amazing quality and comfort at unbeatable prices making this the perfect headset for you office or call center.


Product Features

* TruVoice Life (LIFETIME Warranty) only global headset brand to offer this service

* USB Adapter Cable (includes volume control and Mute functionality)

* Double Earpiece

* Noise-Cancelling Microphone

* 270 degree rotation microphone boom

* Adjustable headband

* Flexible microphone boom

Bundle Includes a Professional HD-150 Double Ear NC Headset along with a USB
adapter cable and can connect any Computer / Laptop or Softphone. If you wish
to use this same headset on a Telephone or even your Cell Phone please contact
us and we can help you add the necessary adapters.

For more information on this product or any other product we offer please do not hesitate to contact us at or on our toll free number +1 888 448 5556



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